We at PCC POLICE CHECK provide fingerprinting services for visa, medical licence, nursing licence, employment immigration, adoption, international travel and for obtaining police clearance certificate (pcc) with 100% accuracy. Fingerprint identification is the oldest and most accurate way to confirm a person’s criminal background. We take ink and roll prints and live scan prints for obtaining background checks from various countries.
Whether it is pcc from Canda, USA , Singapore or any other country, we at PCC POLICE CHECK are experts at it. Professional fingerprinting services and full package services for obtaining background checks are available with us at unbelievable low cost. You can retrieve pcc from any country while residing in India easily without any hassle. We have expertise with fingerprinting and applications. We are available by appointment only.

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RCMP Canada Record check in just 7 days! I availed their fingerprinting service and got my background check really fast. Honest and reliable service.



I was looking for police clearance certificate from FBI (USA) in Delhi. These guys assisted me in the complete process at a really affordable cost.

Mahi Srivastava


I was applying for my PR and I needed to submit my police clearance. PCC Police Check helped me with the process for obtaining USA police clearance without any hassle. I recommend them to all of you.

Arjun Malik


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